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How to communicate with clients to come up with the perfect logo design

Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash

Working with a client can be a difficult process for many designers, whether you’re getting your foot into the design industry or even if you’re a veteran with several years of experience.

Clients may be interacted with in various ways, depending on whether you want to speak to them professionally or as if they were your best friend.

However, as a designer, your goal is to convey the client’s vision to you to improve the design process.

In any case, it’s vital to speak with them to find out what they require for their project, business, or product. …

Harness the power of compound interest to receive huge results.

Photo by Chase Baker on Unsplash

In his book Mastery, Robert Greene has an incredible line that goes like this:

“It is a miraculous sensation, and practice will lead you to that point, no matter the talent level you are born with. The only real impediment to this is yourself and your emotions — boredom, panic, frustration, insecurity. You cannot suppress such emotions — they are normal to the process and are experienced by everyone, including Masters. What you can do is have faith in the process”.

I love that quote so much. Why? It teaches you to have faith in the process, so you can…

Avoid the desire to patronize.

Photo by REX WAY on Unsplash

Why do we argue? According to psychology today, “Because the social interactions difficult people have are typically filled with frustration or tension, difficult people come to see others as threats or opponents. Accordingly, they see social situations as interactions that produce either a winner or a loser.”

During the past few years, I have gotten into arguments several times. They’re totally normal. I’ve recently learned several strategies to help me practice emotional restraint more effectively during a discussion when someone doesn’t listen. Each of them improved my ability to communicate. Hopefully, they will do the same for you, too.

Be empathetic to the other person.


#6 —Retro Futurism

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

2020 has been different, but 2021 could be better, brighter, and filled with brand new inspiring design trends that could change how we design and produce artwork for everyone.

So below are several graphic design trends that may prove to be extremely popular during 2021:

#1 — Pop art and comics

Decades ago, pop art and comic books were incredibly popular in pop culture and worldwide. Now, pop art has made its incline back into modern visual design, even with film studios creating comic book art films and series.

2021 is likely to include graphics and illustrations with a mix of halftones and shading, representing color…

#2 — Become Curious & Accepting.

Photo by Father James on Unsplash

If you’re anything like my past self, you struggle to maintain a positive mindset. For one reason or another, you can’t help but feel like you have a lack of self-worth.

But until you learn to love yourself, it’s impossible to love other people. Like the Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius once said:

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

So if you want to improve your relationship with yourself, here are several ways to start. …

Enter into the concept of flow to improve your study skills

Photo by Bethany Laird on Unsplash

Every MOVE, every STEP, every DECISION that you make, is the right decision and we all want to be in that ZONE. — Michael Jordan

Every day, people struggle when they are asked to study, work, exercise, or do anything productive.

It takes effort to complete a simple or complex task.

You will sit down each morning, with a strong passion that you say to ourselves that you will sit down and start working non stop throughout the day.

Half an hour into your work, you get a text, and then that text will go into a scroll, which will…

Because living in isolation is never great for productivity.

Photo by Maxim Ilyahov on Unsplash

Hundreds of thousands of workers from various backgrounds and fields have been asked to work from home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some people are already used to working from home, but for those of you who are new to working from home, I’ve made a list of strategies to evolve your workflow and productivity.

At this moment in history, it’s our responsibility to stay at home so we can flatten the curve. In other words, we all have to reduce contact with non-family members to support the health services cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

My friend, you are not alone…

Anyone can benefit from improved mental clarity.

Photo by Sharon Garcia on Unsplash

How much do you hate cold showers?

If you’re anything like me, your response will be something along the lines of “a lot.”

After all, each of us has a natural tendency to avoid discomfort, and focus solely on what will make us happy in the present moment. In the words of David Goggins:

“You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft that you will die without ever realizing your true potential.”

For many years, I found myself in the same position that you currently find yourself. The truth is that I was afraid of embracing…

You deserve to be where you are right now. So let’s talk.

Photo by Nonsap Visuals on Unsplash

You walk into work one day, and you’ve got the opportunity to become a supervisor.

It has all the benefits, and you have submitted your resume, which demonstrates that you’re more than qualified for the job.

You shake your managers’ hand and sit down while your supervisor checks over your resume and cover letter for this prestigious position.

They know you’re ready for it.

Even the CEO mentioned to you personally that he wants you to move up.

You feel admired beyond belief.

Suddenly, you start to feel uneasy; you begin to overthink and presume you’re an actor in someone…

Here’s how TikTok is changing the way we interact with technology.

Photo by Kon Karampelas grammaon Unsplash

TikTok, also formerly known as, was a huge hit when it released to the market back in April 2014.

Its original plan was to allow others to connect by dancing or doing a collaborative sing along to popular songs and to quickly enable younger people from 1st grade and above to become content creators.

It was a huge success! People love the idea of creating unique ways to use these features to their absolute max.

This was similar to when Instagram made it easier for people to distribute content through photography and filter settings. …

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